End to end engineering support for your habitation project.
Whether your project is static, trailer mounted, or an expedition truck, Fab Habs can help.

Designs for all applications

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Where the structure is stationary and almost never moved.


Where the structure is rarely moved, usually on smooth tar roads.


Extreme environments, rough conditions, and a range of climates.

Engineering consulting for self-builders

We can offer support in the following areas:

  • Complete 3D CAD design.

  • Solar and electrical system.

  • Water and plumbing system.

  • Gas (propane) system.

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

  • Structural design and simulation.

  • Costing your project.

  • Comprehensive bill of materials.

  • Toilet / black-water system.

  • Base vehicle selection.

Rendered floor plan
Rendered floor plan

Interior view
Interior view

Right side view
Right side view

Rendered floor plan
Rendered floor plan


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