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Fab Habs provides specialised engineering expertise to anyone taking on an expedition truck build.

We work with our clients to provide support when and where they need it the most. We believe our role is to help you make your vision a reality by providing technical expertise. We work in partnership with you to understand your goals and preferences and systematically scope your project.

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve we use our engineering skills and design processes to specify, design, and simulate your build. 

After an initial discussion to better understand your project and the expedition truck you want to build, we map out how we can support and which outputs we can produce. 

First we help you make core design decisions by providing a "good, better, best" analysis of the solutions available to you given what you are trying to achieve with your expedition truck. This is often an iterative process to make sure you are finding the best solution to your needs and desires with most outputs being reports on legal and practical constraints, cost-benefit analyses, product research as well as renders to help you visualize the impact of your decisions.


Once this is done and you feel confident the design solution we've come to is right for you, we firm up the plans by creating the necessary engineering document to bring it to life. This means putting together electrical schematics, creating box-design CAD models, generating cut lists for box or furniture manufacturers, whatever it takes to make your design a reality.


our process

Below is an outline of each stage of our design process, as well as the key outputs.


We find this breaks the work down into discrete, manageable elements and gives our clients an opportunity to bring us in as and when they need us.

Although following the process in its entirety guarantees the best results we are also happy to come in at different point in your expedition truck design to make sure you get the support you need. 

Capturing Requirements

Understanding your lifestyle, use-cases, and vision as well as constraints like time, budget, and skills. 


A list of requirements. Mainly needs and preferences as well as some necessary legal, safety, and sensible ones.

Specification & Floor Plan

Using your requirements to size suitable systems for your build within your constraints. A specification is an engineering document.


A draft floor plan and set of schematics for every system (electrical, water, gas, HVAC etc.)

Decision making

This stage involves selecting the actual hardware, materials, and construction method of the habitation box.


A confirmed floor plan, comprehensive list of hardware, and a good materials cost estimate for the entire project.

CAD Design and cut lists

The creation of a comprehensive design. The outputs from this stage can be handed over to fabricators, carpenters, electricians, gas fitters etc.


A 3D CAD model, results from stress and thermal simulations, 2D plans for each discipline, and a comprehensive bill of materials. You can take these outputs to professionals and they will build your hab.

Build support

We project manage your build, source suppliers, materials, and hardware, and become a technical point of contact during construction with optional on-site support.


A completed habitation box!

What does each stage involve?

To get the best results, the design and engineering process should follow the above sequence. All major engineering projects follow this sequence (or a similar variant).

Planning now saves time and effort later on.

Engineers know that the final design is committed to in the planning stage of a project whether it is done consciously or not. If you don't spend time designing today, these much-needed decisions don't vanish, they just appear later, usually as difficult problems.

These projects are complex, even for engineers.

We guide you through the design and build process while providing tips, explaining your options clearly, and answering any questions you might have. You can be as involved as you wish.

Construction is easier and quicker with a good design.

Once you have a completed design we offer build support and engage with your box manufacturer to ensure every design decision we've made with you is accounted for in the build.

Learn about the design and build process.

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