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Systems and utilities

Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems can range from non-existent to incredibly complex. Ideally the complexity hsould be based on your needs, lifestyle, and level of comfort. The systems are subject to extremes of temperature, movement, and vibration and need to be durable as they may support life-critical needs.

Overlanding trucks often have complex electrical systems with mixed voltages (12, 24, solar, AC), multiple inputs (alternator, solar, shore power), and a wide range of loads from simple lights to high current inverters. Making the best use of limited roof space, power sources, redundancy and failure planning, and use-cases is a technical challenge. 

Mainly driven by the fresh water tank, the plumbing system is likely one of the largest and heaviest systems in an overland truck. Properly sizing the system is essential and proper design and routing of the systems can have a significant impact on the usable space inside your habitations box. A good system can make drinking water from surface water, deliver hot water showers, and withstand the rigours of international travel without incident.

Often overlooked, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems play a major role. Heating and cooling the inside air drastically improves comfort, but proper consideration should be given to extraction, humidity control, and filtration. HVAC systems represent a considerable electrical demand and should be designed in parallel with other systems. Comprehensive heating systems can use residual heat from the engine, actively pre-heat the truck engine as well as hot water, and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the hab. Controlling temperature,  fresh-air exchange, filtration, and internal humidity can prevent mold growth and remove allergens.

How we help

We design and size all technical systems, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, tailored to your specific needs. Using a needs-first approach, we ensure each system is optimally sized. Our simulations for various climates guarantee resource sufficiency, giving you confidence in any environment. 

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Wherever possible, we use real data to size your system. You can find two of our tools on this website and we have many more to help design your systems quickly and efficiently. We factor in your lifestyle and preferences as we understand that everyone has different needs. 

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We design systems for:

  • electrical system (12V, 24V, 110-240 VAC, and solar mixed systems)

  • plumbing (freshwater treatment, storage, and delivery)

  • hot water heating from the engine, diesel, LPG, solar, and hybrid systems

  • heating and air conditioning using thermal simulations

  • air quality and humidity control (filtration and allergy management)

For each system, we provide schematics, pictograms, hardware lists, and routing plans as well as build support to whoever you choose to install your utilities.

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