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Interiors and furniture

Designing interiors and furniture is a very rewarding stage of the overlanding build process. It is the moment our client's vision really starts to come to life. But it is also the moment everything comes to a head. Without proper engineering and planning earlier in the process, this is where problems will start appearing and good problem-solving will become essential. 

Even if everything has been planned and accounted for there is still a huge amount of complexity in finalising the design and getting it ready for build by either yourself or your cabinet/furniture-maker. This stage is all about creating furniture that optimizes space, functionality, durability, and comfort. While most of the lifestyle and use-case requirements will have been defined in the box-planning and layout phase, there are a lot of decisions to make to guarantee the finished box will make your vision come to life. 

How we help

We transform functional layouts into detailed, production-ready plans. We scale the level of detail according to your needs and we can be as comprehensive as you need. Once a final design is settled, we collaborate with local CNC cutters or artisans to arrange a kit delivered to your door or builder.


What we deliver:

  • detailed CAD reference model

CAD model furniture.png
  • drawings for CNC cutter

Cut list furniture.png
  • comprehensive inventory and assembly information

Assembly kit furniture.png

For self-builders we also help you decide on a fabrication method and support you through the assembly.

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