FabHabs' Philosophy

Habitation boxes (or habs, for short) are small, often portable, structures designed for people to live in. It's that simple. Whether it's a tiny house, trailer mounted unit, or full-size truck mounted overlander, we can make them a reality.

At Fab Habs we believe anyone can build their own but experience is hugely beneficial. It's empowering to learn skills and complete the task yourself, but mistakes are inevitable and experience can help you avoid costly ones.


We know from experience these are huge projects and extremely daunting - often with little help available from friends and family. We want to empower people to undertake their self build project, buy providing engineering skills where they are needed most.

Whether you are planning a round the world trip and don't fancy sleeping in a roof-tent every night, want to be more nomadic, or just want to down-size, we provide support throughout the mammoth process of turning a dream into a dwelling.

Our clients are intrepid individuals who:

1. Want a custom hab

2. Aren't willing to pay 6-figure sums

3. Don't want to do everything themselves.

About me

My name is Thomas Leach and I'm the founder of Fab Habs. I believe that designing and building a hab shouldn't be exclusive to those that can afford the 6-figure sums many large manufacturers charge, nor should it require one to do everything themselves.


There are so many factors to consider when designing and building these structures that it's unreasonable (and sometimes unsafe) to expect untrained individuals to do it all. Yet many of us share the ideal, similar to van-life, of downsizing to a portable structure designed around us.

I built my own budget overlander for me and my wife and lived in it for a year while we travelled around Africa. Now I'm committed to helping others achieve their dream of creating their own living space that's as portable as they need it to be.


I have 10 years of relevant experience that I now funnel into my passion. My goal is to make people's dream structures real, for those that want real freedom, to be more self-sufficient and sustainable, and rugged durability for adventures.

Formally Trained

I studied mechanical engineering (MEng) at Durham University which provides a strong technical foundation.


I have specific project experience with solar power, CAD, technical drawings, and thermal simulations (which turned out to be quite useful).


Automotive Experience

Over five years working for Jaguar Land Rover Ltd first as an internal engineering consultant and later as a strategy engineer working on unique projects.


Experience on both sides of consulting, working with technical specs, engineering specialists, and technicians right down to factory floor experience.

Self-build and adventure

I designed and built my own budget overland vehicle on a Leyland DAF T244 base and lived in it for one year touring around Africa.

I've made countless mistakes and learned valuable lessons during our build. I kept logs and lists of all improvements which my clients now benefit from.

My first self-build

took approximately


of labour.

What are you prepared to outsource?

Find out how we can save you

timemoney, and effort.